Position Detail Research Assistant for Professor Dizolele

African Studies
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  • Open Position
  • Position Details:

    Hours/Week: 16 HRS
    Hourly Rate: $15.20
    Expires: Dec 15, 2021

    Campus : Washington DC
  • Job Contact Info:

  • mdizole1@jhu.edu

Research Assistant for Professor Dizolele Position

Job Description

Johns Hopkins SAIS African Studies is looking for a research assistant to support an African Studies faculty member with a range of research projects.

Research will focus on collecting, scanning, and organizing declassified documents both online and at the National Archives in College Park, MD; reviewing and summarizing publications, books, etc.; transcribing recorded interviews; and reading and providing input on manuscript excerpts.

· Strong writing/editing/research skills required;

· Proficiency in document storage programs, such as Dropbox, required;

· Updating our contacts database;

· Providing faculty support as directed and needed.